10 Movie Scenes Banned For Shocking Reasons

Here are 10 movie scenes that were not allowed for weird reasons!
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Movie censorship is a strange beast. Different people are offended by different things, and what makes a movie a hit in one country might get it banned in another. Sex, drugs and violence are just the beginning as we look at 10 Movie Scenes That Were Banned For Shocking Reasons. 

Script by: Noah Taylor @NoahRTaylor

Voice Over by: Jacob Geller @Jacobs_Thoughts

Wolf Of Wall Street | 0:21
Mad Max | 0:59
Team America | 1:29
Back To The Future | 2:16
Some Like It Hot | 2:52
Independence Day | 3:20
E.T. | 3:50
A Clockwork Orange | 4:26
The Interview | 4:54
Deadpool | 5:25

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