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10 Biggest DISNEY MOVIE MISTAKES They Don’t Want You To Find

Here are 10 huge movie mistakes you missed in disney movies
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Pixar Animation Studios is the most successful computer animated movie studio on the planet. A subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, Pixar has produced sixteen feature films to date – pretty much all of which have been universally acclaimed – and there are another five planned over the course of the next three years.Pixar can hardly put a foot wrong, and their movies have won countless awards – including multiple Oscars. Their movies genuinely stand up to some of the best non-animated offerings of all time, but they are by no means flawless. Like any other movies, they contain mistakes – some of which are pretty damn hard to spot – and that's what this video's going to be about.Here are ten shocking Pixar movie mistakes you definitely missed.

Script by: Kevin Stewart

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Inside Out | 0:44
Ratatouille | 1:09
The Good Dinosaur | 1:40
Monsters, Inc. | 2:11
Cars | 2:35
Brave | 3:01
Up | 3:30
Toy Story 3 | 4:00
The Incredibles | 4:29
Finding Nemo | 4:54

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