10 Shocking Movie Mistakes That Slipped Into The Final Film

Here are 10 amazing movies with crazy mistakes you missed! (Captain America Civil War, Deadpool, Zootopia and more!)
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Like any other line of work, mistakes are made in the world of movie-making. However, unlike most other lines of work, movie-making allows for the rectification of said mistakes without any harm being done, thanks to the people behind the movies having the ability to reshoot and reproduce any scenes in which mistakes are made.
That being said, some mistakes actually occur without anyone realising – and that means they can end up being included in the finished production. In this video, we'll take a look at some examples of that happening.
Here are ten shocking movie mistakes that slipped into the final film.

Script by: Kevin Stewart @KevJStewart

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: Martin B. @HandCraftedCine

Zootopia | 0:39
Deadpool | 1:12
Jurassic Park | 1:48
Avatar | 2:18
Frozen | 2:49
Titanic | 3:20
Star Wars: A New Hope | 3:57
The Goonies | 4:29
Despicable Me | 5:06
Captain America: Civil War | 5:40

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