The Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes

Top 10 of the best unrehearsed, improvised movie moments of all time. Subscribe to our channel :

Every big-budget blockbuster or award-winning drama begins with a script, but no movie makes it to the screen without making some changes from the printed page. Sometimes, it's what happens when actors go OFF the script that’s most remembered. Here are ScreenRant's 10 GReatest Unscripted Movie Scenes.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Bringing a Gun to a Sword Fight | 0:23
The Dark Knight: A Round of Applause | 0:50
Taxi Driver: You Talkin To Me? | 1:22
Aliens: Game Over, Man | 1:58
The Usual Suspects: The Line-up | 2:27
Jaws: A Bigger Boat | 3:10
The Empire Strikes Back: Han's Goodbye | 3:44
The Shining: Here's Johnny! | 4:26
The Silence of the Lambs: A Nice Chianti | 4:58
Dumb & Dumber: The Most Annoying Sound | 5:34

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