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REPLICAS Official Trailer
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10 Popular Actors Who Want To Be A Marvel and DC Superhero

10 Actors Still Waiting To Be A Superhero
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There was a time when comic book movies were seen as a joke or a poisoned chalice to an actor's career. Not any more. These days, the comic book movie genre is one of the most popular in Hollywood – heck, five of the twenty highest-grossing movies of all time are comic book movies – and popular, talented actors appearing in the genre is the norm. But not every actor has yet been given the chance to play a live action superhero. Many of those unfortunate souls have expressed a public interest in playing a specific one, however – and that's what this video is about. Watch it, enjoy it, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel to regularly see more like it. Here are ten popular actors who want to be a Marvel or DC superhero.

Script by: Kevin Stewart @KevJStewart

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: Alex Luthor


Norman Reedus | 0:54
Bryce Dallas Howard | 1:29
Ronda Rousey | 2:06
Daniel Radcliffe | 2:47
Ryan Potter | 3:24
Anna Kendrick | 4:06
Tyrese Gibson | 4:49
Keanu Reeves | 5:30
Derek Theler | 6:06
Megan Fox | 6:41

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10 Actors Who Refused Stunt Doubles!

10 actors who are so awesome that they didn’t need stunt doubles! nope! Featuring popular actors from new movies like Kingsman and The Fast and The Furious! Subscribe to ScreenRant for more fun content about movies that you never knew before!

Stunt work is one of the hardest aspects of doing a film. It requires months of preparation and often puts lives in some kind of danger as movies attempt to one up each other in terms of craziest action scene ever. While there are plenty of brave and talented stunt doubles out there to replace the lead actors when it gets too messy, some A list hollywood actors are having none of that and decided that the only way to sell the shot is for them to be in the stunt themselves. From Kristen Stewart learning to ride a horse for the first time to Henry Cavill getting SCUBA certified in order to do DC’s Man of Steel, these actors have gone above and beyond. Sometimes, it’s the actors we least expect to make an impression are the ones who end up surprising us the most, as is the case with Colin Firth in the Kingsman movies. Stay tuned for more of him later this year when the Golden Circle hits cinemas. Of course, there’s the craziness of Tom Cruise and the stunts he does for Mission Impossible, but don’t forget his Knight and Day co-star Cameron Diaz! Fate of the Furious was just another excuse to see Jason Statham kick all kinds of butt, which he does so well. So strap in and enjoy the video!


Jason Statham
Keanu Reeves
Angelina Jolie
Harrison Ford
Daniel Craig
Cameron Diaz
Tom Cruise
Kristen Stewart
Henry Cavill
Colin Firth

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